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Benefits from exchanging banners

Welcome to an innovative traffic driving program. We take the traffic building features of a banner exchange and pop-up technology and put them together. Instead of rotating huge images, members exchange traffic by opening another member's website when visitors leave their site!

When a User leaves or exits a website, they could be gone forever, never to return, so the point of exit is probably your last chance to make an impression or leave them with a suggestion. By joining the free exit traffic exchange detailed below, you will be sending a percentage of your site's exit traffic to other sites within this exit traffic exchange, and in return, you will be receiving traffic via the exit traffic of these other sites and portals within the network. It's a good, FREE way to get targeted visitors to your site, visitors who have probably never seen your site before and may very well be interested in some of the links or features that you have on offer.

A pop-under is a full webpage advertisement that opens in the background, and waits unnoticed for the surfer to finish his/her current browsing. When a surfer exits your website, a new window is opened for viewing. Likewise, your webpage will be opened when another member gets a visit. The pop-up page will only pop up once per visitor, so your surfer will not be faced with annoying pop-up windows.

Sign up for this free service and get the targeted traffic you have been looking for in a matter of hours. By adding a simple line of code to your site you will start racking up the points in no time at all. This code does not affect the appearance of your site at all!

All your traffic is targeted to ensure that you get interested visitors, while LIVE statistics enable you to monitor the success of all your campaigns. You can take advantage of this powerful traffic exchange for free and instantly increases the traffic to your website by 40%.

Want to become a member, you must sign-up by using our simple sign-up form, and insert the provided HTML code into your webpage. As soon as your webpage has been reviewed and approved, your page will begin to pop up with the other members.

Why Choose
As an advertiser you are competing with millions of others on the web. Here's why Netadbar gives you a chance to improve your competition:

Extra Advertising Just For Joining You receive an additional 100 impressions the first time you create a banner advertising account. Six different sizes You can select the best ad sizes to fit your web page. Advanced html code The HTML Code you add to your site will automatically detect the user's browser and present the best code for their browser capabilities. Category Targeting You can select the categories of web pages that you would like your ads to appear on. Useful Statistics At any time you can view the number of times your ad has been viewed, and the number of times it has been clicked on. These values are tracked hourly.Our popup advertisements are less annoying and intrusive than the usual popup windows--resulting in higher sales for our members. This is because visitors see only one popup advertising window per visit--The popups do not take over their screen with window after window as we're so used to seeing. Also, Exit Exchange does not interfere with the visual appearance of your web site in any way, and is fully compatible with all web browsers.

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