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Girls Club -
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Music, Accommodation, Education, Jewelry, Sports, Recreation, Cosmetics And Perfume.
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Tour China -
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What is a FREE banner exchange?

The advertisement bar that are put on the internet website is often called banner. A banner exchange is a free service designed to help you advertise and promote your website. By inserting a small piece of code we supply onto your web page, you will display banner ads from other exchange members, and in return, your banner will be displayed across the banner exchange network. is a free banner exchange service that automatically trades banner ad space on your website with banner ads from other websites.

Advertising online will bring more visitors to your website and with our premium targeting system your internet advertising campaign will bring quality visitors.

Why choose a banner exchange?

  • FREE!
  • Promotes your website or web business
  • Bring more visitors to your website
  • Helps develop your brand and products

Our fully automated system keeps track of activity and offers graphical statistics of all the times your banner has been shown and clicked on within our exchange, and how many banner display credits you have earned by displaying banners on your own site. brings your more than all other banner exchanges.
What makes us premium banner exchange? can be set apart from all other banner exchanges. netadbar provides a premium banner exchange service including the following.

  • A generous 3 for 4 exchange ratio.

  • Target your visitors - By targeting you generate more sales. We provide the ability to target your advertising campaign by category, country, time of day, day of the week and language. Click here to learn more about our premium targeting service.

  • The ability to exclude individual sites from displaying your banner.

  • The ability to decide which sites you would like your banner displayed on.

  • If you run a number of websites then you can manage these all from one banner exchange account.

  • You can upload multiple banners and target campaigns for each individual banner.

  • Six different sizes - We provide 6 different choices of banner sizes all managed in one account. Use all sizes if you wish. Sizes include(Unit: Px):

    • 468 x 60

    • 88 x 31

    • 120 x 60

    • 125 x 125

    • 120 x 600

    • 250 x 250

  • The ability to transfer impressions between each of these different banner sizes.

  • Sell your impressions - The ability to trade or sell your unused banner impressions with other members. That's right earn cash for your impressions! Visit our trading room. netadbar free banner exchange provides a system to transfer your impressions to other member accounts.

  • Our banner exchange provides detailed stats so you can work out quickly and easily what works and what doesn't in order to maximise your click thru rate.

  • Multiple types of banners including GIF, SWF, JPEG JavaScript and HTML. Yes we do allow you to upload earn impressions on your account and use these impressions to display banners from Commission Junction etc. Also if you don't have a banner we can supply some banner templates to help you get started. Click here to see our free banner templates .

  • Statistics - Our free banner exchange supplies statistics by account, individual banners and individual websites both graphically and numerically.

  • Your statistics are broken down and displayed for you hourly, daily, day of the week, by category, by country, by language and by referrer.

  • In addition netadbar banner exchange can supply automatic email of detailed statistics to your inbox however often you wish.

  • Sophisticated anti-cheating system. You work hard for impressions don't let others waste yours.

  • Online advertising is a great way to bring new visitors to your website. Our internet advertising rates are low providing fantastic opportunities drive more traffic to your site cheaply.

  • More than 1,000 members of the exchange providing you with depth to advertise your business on the internet FREE. More 1 million impressions per month.

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